XV International Conference «Russian regions in the focus of change»

13 November 2020 


The XV International Conference «Russian regions in the focus of change» Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg) held a session «Cooperation between Regions in Emerging Markets: Investment opportunities» in partnership with the International Center for Emerging Markets Research - RUDN University.

Bruno S. Sergi, Scientific Director of International Center for Emerging Markets Research at RUDN University, emphasized level and quality support to researchers in Russia. The Center is shaping up a unique initiative with the ambition of research leadership. “The plan of establishing a leading research center in Moscow goes back to summer 2016. Upon a confident and motivational approach, very quick, smart, and active was the responsiveness of RUDN University,” he said. “Our colleagues know we want to serve with a clear vision and vibrant scientific mission,” and he mentioned that the Center attracted over 100 research fellows, among whom six recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences are members of the working group INDI directed by prof. William Barnett.

Dr. Aboubakr Zade, Innovation and digital strategy consultant, provided an in-depth analysis of Digital solutions facilitating regional business in light of the pandemic and explained how ICT helped governments and companies to mitigate the effects of the pandemic.

Satya Hangga Yudha, Co-Founder of the Indonesian Energy and Environmental Institute (IE2I) provided an in-depth explanation on Indonesia’s dependence on fossil fuels and its transition to renewable energy whilst emphasizing natural gas as a fuel that can help Indonesia transition into investing in more sustainable forms of energy.

Pedro Augusto Pinto Guimarães, Co-Founder and CEO of Rubicon Capital Partners (Brazil), voiced the importance of regional context and resource endowment factors when applying international frameworks for different nations. “[Each country has] its own characteristics, and more than that, each country has its own timing of development. This means that each country has a certain level of development in utilities, energy, and sanitation. All in all, we must compare bananas with bananas.”

Viktor Sheremetker, Russian Trade Representative in Brazil, spoke confidently that his mission is ready to support projects with Russian companies that would like to launch operations in Brazil.

According to Selim Khemiri, Board Member YGroup and Political Researcher & Analyst for the Arab League Mission in Paris, there is a growing financial cooperation and interconnectivity between Russia and the MENA Region, especially Arab Middle East States. Investments are pouring in both ways, and Russia is helping through technology and knowledge transfer in various industries. Russia’s growing interest in the region has extended to Africa, and the culmination of this engagement was the first ever Russian-African summit that was held in the city of Sochi [2019]. Whereas China is advancing its Belt&Road Initiative’s project (the new Silk Road), Russia is reinforcing its ties within the Mena Region, and investing in future partnerships with African countries, pledging for trade and economic cooperation in key sectors such as renewable energy, mining and exploration of natural resources.

Andrey Berezin moderated the discussion covering Public-Private Partnerships, Energy technologies, and International Cooperation, among other topics.

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