Sarah Willen, University of Connecticut

Sarah S. Willen is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Connecticut, where she is also Director of the Research Program on Global Health and Human Rights at the university’s Human Rights Institute. A medical and sociocultural anthropologist, her primary research interests include the illegalization and criminalization of irregular migrants; biopolitics and social exclusion; embodiment and experience; and anthropological approaches to morality, dignity, and deservingness. Willen has authored over 25 articles and book chapters and edited or co-edited seven volumes, among them Transnational Migration to Israel in Global Comparative Context (2007) and special issues of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry (2013), Social Science & Medicine (2012), Ethos (2012), and International Migration (2007).

A former NIMH Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Willen has received the Rudolf Virchow Prize from the Society for Medical Anthropology’s Critical Anthropology of Global Health group (2004, 2012), a David R. Blumenthal Award in Jewish Studies and the Humanities (2004), a Marjorie Shostak Prize for Excellence and Humanity in Ethnographic Writing (2003), and two Certificates of Distinction in Teaching from the Derek Bok Center at Harvard College (2008, 2009). She is presently a 2013-14 Faculty Residential Fellow at the University of Connecticut’s Humanities Institute.

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