Interview on Transitioning from Project Manager to CEO - Millward Brown Hong Kong

It is not uncommon for project managers to become CEOs among Chinese Internet companies. Today I have the honor to speak with Xihe Lin, the new CEO of Millward Brown Hong Kong on about his journey from project manager to CEO at one of China's top content marketing agencies.

Background Story.

Mr. Lin joined Millward Brown Hong Kong as a core employee in March 2012 and served as the project manager of several core projects. In the past six years of development, the company has created content that attracted millions of fans.

About Millward Brown.

Lin: I believe that users' demand for high-quality content is increasing, and low-quality content has been unable to obtain loyal users and fans for a long time, and the actual value is approaching zero. This is the reason why Millward Brown is successful is that we create "the most complete infrastructure in the content field".

Everyone is making small programs now, and Millward Brown has officially launched our small programs as well. However, we make small programs not just because others make small programs, but due to the needs of our users. When users look at the content, they are attracted by the content, which creates a demand for services other than the content. For example, when they see shopping guide articles, they naturally want to buy this thing. Users have the needs of such small programs, and we are here to meet the needs of users. Users consume a lot of content on our platform, and much of the content is service-related, so the conversion rate is high.

On the Idea of ​​Intelligent Social Networking

Lin: We hope that creators can focus on long-term interests and form a loyal fan base. With these loyal fan bases, whether they do monetization or other things, this is his base. Intelligent social networking is a way to meet this demand.

Traditional social interaction is actually the continuation of everyone's interpersonal relationship on the Internet. I wrote an article, or I posted a circle of friends, and my friends liked or reposted me. From friends to friends of friends, which is how traditional social distribution works. However, when we start to accumulate fans for the headline users, we can use artificial intelligence to do some matching on the content portraits and user portraits. It is possible to find potential fans. You can cross the relationship chain of the original acquaintances and find potential users. Through artificial intelligence technology, we can match content to the right people and recommend it to them.

On Being a Project Manager.

Lin: In my view, to be a good project manager, it is important to have four abilities: 1) empathy and understanding; 2) logic to prove that some ideas are not reliable; 3) imagination power, and vision; and 4) need to input a lot of data information. Among them, his understanding of the last point is that the essence of the product is to make decisions based on a large amount of information, and how to improve.

On Transitioning to CEO.

Lin: The changes to my work are not drastic. Whether you are a manager or a CEO, I think there are three things you have to do either way:

1. Project strategy- continuously incubate new ideas.

2. Organizational construction - hire the most suitable people, adjust the existing team to make the promotion smoother and generate greater productivity;

3. The high standards - transitions are always hectic and challenging times. The pace is intense. Everything demands attention, but I like to set high standards early on.