• A laser pointer, assortment of lenses and other optical components, cardboard tubes, and tape sit on a table.

    Remote 15c optics experiment

    Students assembled their own pinhole camera, telescope, and microscope using an assortment of lenses, tape, and cardboard tubes.

  • Physics 191 ESR Experiment

    Physics 191 ESR Experiment

    Students measure the electron spin resonance in ruby!

  • 15c parabolic microphone

    Physics 15c poster party

    A 15c student project group made a parabolic microphone and showed it in the poster party.

  • Image shows a Bluefruit device with illuminated LEDs, batteries, assorted cables, a copper pipe, a container of jumper cables, resistive wire, and a small breadboard.

    Physics 12a Remote Kit

    Physics 12b uses an Adafruit Bluefruit device as a data acquisition system.

  • Four spirograph traces are shown in shades of blue and green.

    Learning Python in PS 12a

    Students in PS12a are introduced to Python as a tool for data visualization and analysis, solving problems, writing simulation

  • Two men stand behind an apparatus that shows a ball on a shallow rotating cone. Shelves of optics equipment are behind them.
  • A double A battery holder with googly eyes appears to be partying.

    Happy Labs

    Life's a big party in physics 15b - see sparky party.

Welcome to Harvard Physics's instructional lab!

Our mission is to support student learning in the processes of scientific investigation. The process of doing science involves creating and using models to predict and explain measurements of physical quantities. As a group of teaching professionals working in the laboratory, our emphasis is to help students learn to make and interpret measurements, compare data to model predictions, and use the results of their analysis to revise models.

Gravity "defying" cone

Our famous preceptors Dr. Greg Kestin and Dr. Keith Zengel discuss a ball on a rotating cone: