Graduate Principal Investigator

Principal Investigator (Volunteer Job Opening)

If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing Principal Investigator network to lead research of undergraduates and pre-college students, then please submit a resume to


Due to high demand in spots, the next priority deadline is June 1st. No applications will be accepted past June 15 at 11:59 PM EST, the final deadline.

Organization Profile: 

The International Socioeconomic Laboratory is a non-profit, international research institute that conducts empirical studies on various, prevalent socioeconomic issues. The institution utilizes its original findings and models to address underlying, socioeconomics matters in today’s society. The Laboratory collaborates with its sister institution, the Finxerunt Policy Action Institute, in creating legislative and equitable policies that address each issue. The innovative solutions are then lobbied to various impactful politicians, to help enact sustainable and tangible change. In addition, Finxerunt addresses the Laboratories research and respective solutions through various mediums including films and social media campaigns. With support from various universities, such as Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, London School of Economics, and commendation institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the research institute continues to thrive and foster high-leveled, empirical research that helps build a better future.

Volunteer Job Description: 

During the summer fellowship, Principal Investigators (PIs) will be responsible for overseeing and aiding in data analysis labs and empirical research and projects. During the 6-week research program, researchers will be developing their group empirical studies on various socioeconomic topics. All PIs will be assigned to a specific research group, based on time availability and research topic. PIs will be in charge of overseeing and reviewing research papers, looking for content gaps or research errors. Principal Investigators will also review data analysis projects.

PIs will join one meeting a week, from 11:00 am EST to 12:00 pm EST. This will be required from all PIs, to stay updated in research topics and data analysis projects. After all final empirical research papers have been turned in, PIs will review their groups respective papers and work directly with the ISL board to revise any mistakes. 


  • Undergraduate rising seniors, graduate students, or postgraduates that have a specialization in Economics/Social Science/Law/Research

  • Ability to commit their time once a week (Mon - Thurs) from July 5th to August 12th between the hours of 11 AM - 12 PM

  • Strong Foundation in both Leadership and Teaching

  • Willingness to provide assistance and constructive feedback to highly motivated researchers from around the world

  •  Maintains a strong network of professional contacts


Principal Investigators in the International Socioeconomics Laboratory have the opportunity to enhance their Resume/CV, increase connections with professors from top universities, and aid in socioeconomic empirical studies. PIs will build upon their leadership skills by advising and overseeing the empirical research of fellows from around the world. All PIs will work with university faculty in reviewing research and advising on various socioeconomic campaigns. Principal Investigators will have the opportunity to work on several socioeconomic projects to help better the world.

Additional Information: 

This summer fellowship will be an opportunity to engage in high-leveled, empirical research that addresses various socioeconomic issues. If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing Principal Investigator network to lead research of undergraduates and pre-college students, then please submit a resume to

Once a week, any-day from Monday through Thursday

11:00 am EST to 12:00 pm EST

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