Three hundred students will be selected this summer for our third annual joint empirical research fellowship and college course. The International Socioeconomics Laboratory Summer Research Fellowship in Economics, Social Science, Law, Healthcare, & Psychology to innovate public policy through data is a free virtual program open to all undergraduate and high school students around the world. Rising Senior Undergraduates, Graduates, & Doctorates are invited to apply as a Principal Investigator to head research studies at the laboratory this summer as well.


Our fellowship will be the first to provide an integrated research experience and simultaneously present a college-level data interpretation course for certification. Research fellows will work alongside peers from all around the world, creating empirical studies that provide valuable research experience and helping us make a legislative change to build a more sustainable and equitable future. Fellows will also work with post-graduate principal investigators and graduate research mentors from various institutions.


The application deadline has passed on June 15, 2021.