Rajendra Baikady PhD, FRSA

Dr. Rajendra Baikady PhD, FRSA

Principal Investigator at International Socioeconomics Laboratory
Founding Editor of Springer Series in International Social Work

Dr. Rajendra Baikady, Ph.D., FRSA holds a dual appointment as a URC Special Post-Doctoral Fellow and as a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Social Work and Community Development, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. He completed his first Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (2019-2020) and was awarded Golda Meir Fellowship by Lady Davis Trust at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He was also a recipient of the Taiwan Government’s Short Term Research Award (2018), for academic research at National Chengchi University, Taiwan and the Confucius Institute Understanding China Fellowship by the Government of China (2018-2019) for academic research at Shandong University, China. Baikady’s research interests are in international social work, social change, social problems, social welfare, social justice, human rights, critical social work, social policy and globalization, among others. Baikady serves as the Editor in Chief of The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Problems and The Palgrave Handbook of Global Social Change – major reference Works being published by Palgrave Macmillan United Kingdom.

In addition to this, he is also the Editor in Chief of Mapping Global Inequality a Major Reference Work Handbook Series comprising of twenty volumes being published by Springer, USA. He is the founding editor of the book series - Springer Series in international Social Work, SpringerBriefs in International Social Work, Springer Series in Social Work and Social Change and SpringerBriefs in Social Work and Social Change, being published by Springer, USA. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in the United Kingdom.