Eri Dumesh

Mr. Eri Dumesh

Vice President at International Socioeconomics Laboratory
Eri Dumesh is a Business Administration student at Northeastern University concentrating in Management, and in Corporate Innovation and Venture. After researching Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s extensively from 2018 to 2020, he joined the International Socioeconomics Laboratory to transition from biology to economic research. Joining ISL in the Spring 2021 fellowship, Eri worked on the MTA optimization paper, and was appointed as the Head of Economic Research once the fellowship was completed. He is able to use his extensive experience writing research papers to effectively lead fellows on the path to statistically significant, meaningful economic research. This research will then be used as the basis for policy development and legislation through our sister organization, Finxerunt. He particularly seeks to solve the issue of extensive unused academic research that is lying dormant in publication databases. He is especially passionate about the green economy and the future of electric vehicles. 

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