Faiz Ahamad PhD

Dr. Faiz Ahamad PhD

Principal Investigator at International Socioeconomics Laboratory

Dr. Faiz Ahamad is an early career researcher and received his PhD in Management from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Professor at one of the reputed Indian institutes. He has been associated with the Harvard University projects at ISL from 2021 onward. Having experience in interdisciplinary research, one of his research interests is to explore the impact of digitalization on organizational processes such as employer branding, talent management, organization sustainability, diversity, etc. His research works have been accepted and presented in some of the best business management and data science conferences, such as 2nd Euro CSS, Germany, 2018; 3rd Euro CSS, Switzerland, 2019; IC2S2, MIT, USA, 2020. He has been actively involved in publishing his research works in peer-reviewed journals such as Human Resource Management Review. He is currently working on a few research projects with researchers from many prestigious universities such as Texas A&M University, Illinois State University, TISS-Mumbai etc. He has received numerous grants and awards from international organizations and institutes for his research works. These include those from the Academy of International Business, USA; Association of Computing Machinery, USA; ETH Zurich, Switzerland; Russell Sage Foundation, SICSS Istanbul, Turkey etc.