Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue IV
International Socioeconomics Laboratory. 5/7/2021. Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue IV. Issue IV, Pp. 290. International Socioeconomics Laboratory.Abstract

The International Socioeconomics Laboratory is proud to present its fourth issue of the student-led Across the Spectrum of Socioeconomics journal. In 2017, we realized that the socioeconomic issues and conflicts present on the international scale needed to be addressed. Involvement in and a deep understanding of the socioeconomic field is vital, and thus the institution that has grown to become the global research network known as the International Socioeconomics Laboratory was founded. Our success is contingent upon cultivating the unique triumphs of individuals, communities, and countries as we work with a diverse set of legislators and scholars ranging from local leaders in Nepal to United States Senators. Since 2017, our research has had immense translational effects, which include numerous bills in policy introduced by our institute, as well as our data backed developmental projects for underserved communities.

We understand that legislative action and expansional ventures around the world with a goal as audacious as supporting human-rights, healthcare growth, and education revitalization is an immense undertaking. However, our institution believes that by focusing on socioeconomics, we can best address the most pressing issues around the world. The relevance of our work has been reinforced in the twenty-first century, as we face social and public health challenges that cannot be ignored. Reliable data is more important than ever before in guiding decision-making on all fronts of social and economic issues.

The research in this issue has been produced by fellows of the laboratory with the guidance of their Principal Investigators. We thank all of the principal investigators from universities all across the country. We also thank all of our advisors from all over the world. Without you, our work would not have been possible.

As we grow as a student organization, we will continue to strive to bring light to the bridge between the fields of social science and economics. We will keep expanding and improving our network of researchers in order to cultivate a society of individuals who will go beyond passive advocacy and make substantive change to create a sustainable future. That is the importance and vitality of the field of socioeconomics.

As the International Socioeconomics Laboratory continues to develop, we will continue to
provide the world with extensive, non-partisan research to better your understanding of these prevalent issues and for the advancement of society.

Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue III
2/15/2021. Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue III. Issue III, Pp. 119. International Socioeconomic Laboratory.Abstract
Modern society suffers no shortage of issues, whether they came about as a result of the ongoing pandemic or have been deep-rooted within the fibers of our civilization. Rightfully so, there has been much attention drawn to the issues that pertain to the fields of medicine and biology, however the same cannot be said for a field such as socioeconomics.
Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue II
12/22/2020. Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue II. Issue II. International Socioeconomic Laboratory.Abstract

The International Socioeconomics Laboratory™ (ISL) is a global research network of primarily students and young adults that strive to find the most adequate solutions to current socio-economic problems and those that may be just around the corner. We make use of existing records and data to create our own comprehensive models and studies to find plausible routes to the root cause of these problems and see what can be done about them or what knowledge can be acquired. However, our information collection is not limited to what is already in sight; though it may be more difficult given the unprecedented times, we also look to collect information and data through surveys and soon, types of experiments as well. The goal of the ISL is clear; assess and address the issues that face our society through the will and capability of the youth in order to foster a greater one.

Across The Spectrum Of Socioeconomics
8/13/2020. Across The Spectrum Of Socioeconomics. Issue I, Pp. 60. International Socioeconomic Laboratory.Abstract

At the International Socioeconomics Laboratory, we are an intercollegiate organization incubated under Harvard Innovation Labs as an Erevna federation member that bridges the gap between the youth and post-graduate researchers, serving as an output of research in the overlooked field of socioeconomics. An essential part of our work is meeting the increasing demand for non-partisan objective information on international issues that have many gaps to fill when analyzing crucial empirical data. We do this for completely free, operated by a volunteer team of highschool students, undergraduate students, and post-graduate researchers. Our research opportunities and academic courses serve as pilot programs for students to take on issues, as we reach out to governmental bodies and academic institutions to identify various gaps in data for students to lead various data science investigations. And since 2017, our student research had translational effects which includes numerous bills in legislation, while also including developmental projects for underserved communities.