Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue II


12/22/2020. Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue II. Issue II. International Socioeconomic Laboratory.
Across The Spectrum of Socioeconomics Issue II


The International Socioeconomics Laboratory™ (ISL) is a global research network of primarily students and young adults that strive to find the most adequate solutions to current socio-economic problems and those that may be just around the corner. We make use of existing records and data to create our own comprehensive models and studies to find plausible routes to the root cause of these problems and see what can be done about them or what knowledge can be acquired. However, our information collection is not limited to what is already in sight; though it may be more difficult given the unprecedented times, we also look to collect information and data through surveys and soon, types of experiments as well. The goal of the ISL is clear; assess and address the issues that face our society through the will and capability of the youth in order to foster a greater one.

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