Across the Spectrum of Socioeconomics is a student-led journal that aims to bridge the issues between economics and social science. Students from around the world come together to conduct research on various issues. It is a free journal, as we will never ask you to pay to get published. The research conducted by our team aims take on current socioeconomic issues through data science. Through our three-step process of examining, evaluating, and creating, we produce research to help build a brighter planet and guide evidence-based decision making.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Effects of Various Public Service Facilities on Corona, Queens3.03 MB
How can we make public transportation more efficient in the United States for workers over 16?658 KB
Suitability of Unemployment Benefits in New York City628 KB
The Case for a Green Economy676 KB
Covid Tax Recovery464 KB
New York City Affordable Housing590 KB
Healthcare Accessibility in New York City820 KB
The Effect of Healthcare on Maternal Mortality Rates360 KB
The Effect of Geographical Locations on College Tuition Across the United States376 KB
Exploring the Allocation of Resources for Competency-Based Youth Education in the United States553 KB
Racial Bias in the Medical Field and Its Influence on BIPOC Young Adults’ Decisions to Get Vaccinated.pdf1.05 MB
Socioeconomic and Health Care Demands of Anxiety Disorders360 KB
Public Perception Towards Climate Change in India and the USA780 KB
The Effects of Socioeconomic Status on the Quality and Accessibility of Healthcare Services491 KB