Bridal Veil Falls (May 24, 2014) - 3 hours

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Roger next to Coppermine Brook.    Peter and Roger next to Coppermine Shelter.

Memorial Day weekend is the classic start to the hiking season in the White Mountains. The snow is mostly gone, the flowers are coming out, the birches are lime green in new growth. We took advantage of a break from the rain for a short hike to Bridal Veil Falls on the back side of Cannon Mountain. We hiked up Coppermine Trail, which has an easy grade throughout. Here's Roger next to Coppermine Brook (left) and Peter and Roger next to Coppermine Shelter (right).

Bridal Veil Falls.    Peter, Roger and David.

So strange to have a shelter on this trail that goes to nowhere and is not even that long, but it seemed well maintained. From the shelter it's a stone throw to the falls, with large pools that would be nice on a hot day. The falls had a lot of water and we tried to get close but the rocks were steep and wet. After a while a fellow came by and took our picture (right), and all of a sudden tons of people showed up - it was time to head back down.

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