Caps Ridge to Jefferson (June 20, 2020) - 6 hours

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    Caps Ridge.

On the morning of a hot and muggy day I went up Caps Ridge. It is the fastest trail to get above treeline and it is fun, with hands-and-feet scrambles that require some thought but are not too hazardous. After 45 minutes we got to the kettlestone for the first views but got attacked by swarms of black flies. June + sun + low wind = black flies. So we kept on climbing - the black flies were no problem in the shade or if you kept moving. By the time we got to the first cap the wind was sufficient to keep them at bay and we could enjoy the spectacular views (left and right).

Adams.    Mt. Washington.

We got to the top of Jefferson with the usual great views and a nice breeze. No snow left in the view toward Adams (left) but plenty of patches of snow in the Gulf toward Mt. Washington (right). From here, dropping into the Gulf and then up Mt. Washington has been one of my epic hikes. We hung out for a while at the top, Tstorms were predicted but the weather seemed to hold. We then returned the way we came, though started going down the wrong way and had to pick up the Cornice Trail to get back to Caps Ridge. As we drove back on Base Rd. the Tstorms finally exploded with sheets of rain. We were glad not to have had to deal with wet slippery ledges on the way down!

Fished trout from the Ammonoosuc river.

The following day I got lucky fishing for trout in the Ammonoosuc river (left).

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