Crescent Ridge (November 7, 2021) - 6 hours


There was morning frost on the car and snow on the peaks as Peter Wyatt and I set out to explore the Crescent Range north of Randolph. From Randolph we headed up the Crescent Ridge Trail up to Mt. Crescent. The climb was easy on a well-constructed trail (thank you Randolph Mountain Club!). Mt. Crescent has two great outlooks. The southern outlook has a view of the northern Presidentials (left) and a view to the west of Crescent Ridge with Mt. Randolph in the foreground (right). The northern outlook at the top of Mt. Crescent had a unique view of the Kilkenny Ridge (below left).



From Mt. Crescent we took the Crescent Ridge Trail following the ridge. The trail was extremely well built, with a lot of helpful rock steps. There was a dusting of snow on the ground most of the way, and we found an interesting small pond with odd freezing contour lines (lright).



We got to an advertised Lafayette viewpoint just before a steep drop heading to Mt. Randolph. The guide said that the view of Lafayette is overgrown but that’s really not the case (left). Again there was a great view to the northern Presidentials, this time with Mt. Randolph in the foreground (right).


We went over the wooded summit of Mt. Randolph (sign) and dropped to Lookout Ledge for more great views, this time looking west with Durand Lake in the foreground (left). We took the Pasture Path to go back to Randolph and crossed one fellow hiker – only person we saw all day.




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