Last run of the season (April 11, 2010)

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Bretton Woods.  Top of Fabyan's triple by Out of Bounds.

The Bretton Woods ski area closed unexpectedly on April 8 after an unusual strech of rain and warm weather. But we could still see a lot of snow up there, so Peter Gordon and I put our skis/snowboard on our backs and hiked up to the top of Rosebrook. We followed the road to the top of Zephyr, not finding much snow up there but nice views of Bretton Woods (left). Zagging back to the top of Fabyan's triple by Out of Bounds we finally found some reasonable snow (right).

Top of Dave's drop.  On top of Rosebrook with a group of Montrealers.

We stopped for a picture at the top of Dave's drop (left), made famous by the tandem race in the Snowboarding Professor series. Nowhere near enough snow to go down by now - just a few forlorn patches. We soldiered on to the top of Rosebrook, where we met a group of Montrealers who had come up in telemark skis. We got our picture taken with the cute women (right) in the pathetic hope of making our wives jealous...

Bode's Run.  Bottom of Bode's Run.

From there it was all the fun of going down. We went down Bode's Run, which had plenty of snow though pretty slow (left). From the bottom of Bode's we could contemplate our tracks (right) and it was a nice way to sign our good-bye to the trail for the season. From there we cruised down Watertank and on to Deception Bowl. On the way I fumbled with the video feature of my camera and found that it could make reasonable Youtube movies (assuming a very low bar for expectations). I was so happy to discover yet another way to waste my time. Here's my movie of us finishing Deception Bowl and returning to the base area. A great final run, with an encounter with the canopy tour and a dramatic ending!