Lower Montalban range (September 25, 2021) - 6 hours

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The Montalban range stretches from Mt. Stanton in Bartlett all the way to Mt. Washington by the Davis Path.  Peter Wyatt and I had previously done the long hike up the Davis Path and also the stretch from Mt. Parker, but we had never done the low end of the range starting from Bartlett.  John Willis joined us and it was an excellent hike with lots of ledgy views and very nice footing. We started by going to the top of Mt. Stanton, from which we could peer down into the Saco Valley in fog (left). We then pushed to Mt. Pickering for more great views (right).


From there we went down to the Crappies for more views (left) and went to visit the Mt. Langdon shelter (right). The shelter is in a strange place, because it’s not that far a hike to get to. But it is in very good shape.


From there we did a round trip to Mt. Parker for more great views (left and right) and descended down the Mt, Langdon Trail where we had spotted a car at the trailhead. A very nice hike off the beaten path – we hardly saw anyone all day.

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