Thoreau Falls and Ethan Pond (August 18, 2018) - 8 hours

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Zealand Pond.    Zeacliff Trail.

Janice and I planned a 28th wedding anniversary hike around the Willey range, which is long but flat and has great views. We spotted her car at the Willey house and drove my car to the end of Zealand road. We took the Zealand Trail to the Ethan Pond Trail with nice views of Zealand Pond (left), and of the Whitewall Brook valley at the intersection with the Zeacliff Trail (right). From there going up Whitewall and down Zeacliff are really nice hikes but definitely not flat.

Thoreau Falls.    Janice and Daniel at Thoreau Falls.

At that time Janice discovered that she had forgotten her keys in my car but we didn't let that change our plans. We went to Thoreau Falls which is always a great spot (left) and we had it all for ourselves for a beer. Eventually someone came in as we were on our way out and took our picture (right).

Pemi River.    Ethan Pond.

We then went on to Ethan Pond, at first following the Pemi River which is wide and beautiful (left), but after we left the river the going became very muddy despite many bog bridges. We stayed a while at Ethan Pond (right) and Janice then continued down the easy way to Willey House, while I backtracked all the way to Zealand to pick up my car and her keys.

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