Waterfalls circuit (May 12, 2019) - 3.5 hours

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Ripley Falls.    Leafless deciduous forest looking like an open park.

We had a lot of snow this past winter and the water is now rushing, with a lot of snow and mud still on the trails. Perfect time for a short waterfalls hike. I started up to Ripley Falls (left) and from there continued to the Arethusa Ripley Falls Trail. This required crossing the base of Ripley Falls in knee-deep rushing water but it was not too much of a problem. The trail after that was muddy with snow patches and lots of blowdowns, but the biggest trouble was finding the trail because of the dead leaves on the ground obscuring the tread, and the leafless deciduous forest looking like an open park (right, close to the top of the ridge).

Arethusa Falls.    Daniel.

Coming down the other side of the ridge to Arethusa Falls I crossed a few streams that are usually placid but today were full of water and generating their own little waterfalls (left). So far I hadn't seen a soul, but as soon as I reached the intersection with the Arethusa Falls trail the crowds materialized. I hooked up with my neighbors Peter and Karen Weber and got my picture taken (right). The falls were more impressive than I had ever seen them.

Coliseum Falls.    Bemis Falls.

We then returned by the Arethusa Falls trail and did a detour by the Bemis Trail to see Coliseum Falls (left) and Bemis Falls (right), brimming with high water.

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