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Ep 2: + The Cost of Black Hair with Dr. Tamara Gilkes Borr- How do the pervasive Eurocentric beauty ideals in our culture cost people not only financially, but socially and physically? In this episode, our guest Dr. Tamara Gilkes Borr, US policy correspondent at the Economist and author of “I spent thousands on chemical straightening”: the price of having black hair in a white world joins Dr. Tamarra James-Todd to unpack this question. Intersectionality again plays a big role as these beauty ideals are a much larger burden on Black women and other folks whose identities do not align with the standard of beauty. Tamara also shares why she’s hopeful about the beauty justice movement and where she’s already seeing change.

Ep 1: + A Little History on Black Hair & Diversity with Lori Tharps​-  How do historic attitudes about race, identity, and beauty impact our current beauty industry and standards? How is diversity the key to the path forward for the beauty justice movement? In this episode, Dr. Tamarra James-Todd is joined by Lori Tharps, author of Hair Story: Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America, to dive into these questions. Lori shares wisdom from her personal experiences and professional body of work. She also underscores the importance of diversity and intersectionality in moving towards a more just and equitable future of beauty for everyone.​​​​​​

Ep 0: I​ntroducing: Beauty + Justice-Get a sneak peek of what our new podcast, Beauty + Justice, is all about in this trailer episode. Check back on November 10th for the first full episode—streaming on all major podcast platforms. New episodes will drop every two weeks.


EP 1 Extended version: + A Little History on Black Hair & Diversity with Lori Tharps​

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