Environment and Women's Health

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Environmental Exposures & Maternal Health: Our team explores the impact of environmental chemicals on adverse health outcomes across the lifespan with a specific focus on the pregnancy and postpartum period.

Interventions and Maternal Health:Our team designs pregnancy and postpartum interventions to improve adverse health outcomes and reduce the risk of diseases related to environmental exposures.

Pregnancy Complications and Chronic Diseases: Our team assesses the role of environmental chemicals on pregnancy complications and the impact of these complications on the development of chronic diseases.

Environmental Health Disparities: Our team researches how racial/ethnic differences in exposures to environmental chemicals contribute to disparities in disease risk in women.





For more information about our findings from our research studies, please visit our selected publications

For more information about our current research study, the Environmental Reproductive and Glucose Outcomes Study (ERGO), please visit the ERGO Study website.