China Learns from the Soviet Union, 1949–Present

The eleventh book, China Learns from the Soviet Union: The Transfer of Soviet Practices and Experiences to a Communist Ally edited by Thomas Bernstein and Hua-yu Li, is a collection of essays by eminent scholars surveying all aspects of Sino-Soviet relations from the late 1940s on. The authors, from numerous academic disciplines, reveal how pervasive the Soviet model was in China’s politics, economy, social practices, and foreign policy.  The book has received glowing reviews and has been widely adopted in courses. One of the ironic byproducts of the book’s high quality is that it has been illegally distributed by several websites in China. Attorneys from Rowman & Littlefield have managed to get the illicit copies removed from the Internet, but the very fact that the book is being so vigorously pirated is a backhanded testament to the value of its research and insights.