Selected Articles

"'I Am Afraid Americans Cannot Understand': The Congress for Cultural Freedom in France and Italy, 1950–1957" (Volume 22, Issue 1) by Andrea Scionti

"Editor's Note" (Volume 22, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

"Operation 'Denver': The East German Ministry of State Security and the KGB's AIDS Disinformation Campaign, 1985–1986 (Part 1)" (Volume 21, Issue 4) by Douglas Selvage

"In the Service of World Revolution: Vietnamese Communists’ Radical Ambitions through the Three Indochina Wars" (Volume 21, Issue 4) by Tuong Vu

"Editor's Note" (Volume 21, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

"U.S. Perceptions of the Communist Threat in Iran during the Mossadegh Era" (Volume 21, Issue 3) by Mark J. Gasiorowski

"Chinese Society amid Mao's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution: The Roots and Nature of the Tragedy" (Volume 21, Issue 2) by Sergey Radchenko, Joseph Torigian, Radoslav Yordanov and Frank Dikötter

"U.S. Policy to Curb Western European Nuclear Exports, 1974-1978" (Volume 21, Issue 2) by Jayita Sarkar

"Editor's Note" (Volume 21, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

"Independence, Intervention, and Internationalism: Angola and the International System, 1974–1975" (Volume 21, Issue 1) by Candace Sobers

"Editor's Note" (Volume 21, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

"Between Business Interests and Ideological Marketing: The USSR and the Cold War in Fiat Corporate Strategy, 1957–1972" (Volume 20, Issue 4) by Valentina Fava

"RFE/RL Broadcasting and West German Society: Caught between Nature Protection Activism and Anti-Americanism" (Volume 20, Issue 3) by Yuliya Komska

Soviet Inturist and Foreign Travel to the Latvian SSR in the Post-Stalin Era: A Case of Ethnic Tourism” (Volume 20, Issue 2) by Ieva Zake

Editor’s Note” (Volume 20, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

China’s ‘People’s Diplomacy’ and the Pugwash Conferences, 1957-1964” (Volume 20, Issue 1) by Gordon Barrett

Editor’s Note” (Volume 20, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

Editor’s Note” (Volume 19, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

The First Cold War Spy Novel: The Origins and Afterlife of Humphrey Slater’s Conspirator” (Volume 19, Issue 3) by Anton Fedyashin

Editor’s Note” (Volume 19, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

To ‘Keep the Genie Bottled Up’: U.S. Diplomacy, Nuclear Proliferation, and Gas Centrifuge Technology, 1962-1972” (Volume 19, Issue 2) by William Burr

Editor’s Note” (Volume 19, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

Cold War Sport, Film, and Propaganda: A Comparative Analysis of the Superpowers” (Volume 19, Issue 1) by Tony Shaw and Denise J. Youngblood

The Limits of Compensation: Swiss Neutrality Policy in the Cold War” (Volume 18, Issue 4) by Thomas Fischer and Daniel Möckli

Editor’s Note” (Volume 18, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

The Establishment of Bulgarian-West German Diplomatic Relations within the Coordinating Framework of the Warsaw Pact” (Volume 18, Issue 3) by Jordan Baev

Editor’s Note” (Volume 18, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

Land Reform in South Korea under the U.S. Military Occupation, 1945-1948” (Volume 18, Issue 2) by Inhan Kim

Editor’s Note” (Volume 18, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

The Role of Norman Cousins and Track II Diplomacy in the Breakthrough to the 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty” (Volume 18, Issue 1) by Allen Pietrobon

Editor’s Note” (Volume 18, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

Office of Strategic Services versus Special Operations Executive: Competition for the Italian Resistance, 1943-1945” (Volume 17, Issue 4) by Tommaso Piffer

Editor’s Note” (Volume 17, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

Exposing ‘Red Colonialism’: U.S. Propaganda at the United Nations, 1953-1963” (Bolume 17, Issue 3) by Mary Ann Heiss

Editor’s Note” (Volume 17, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

Accepting Regional Zero: Nuclear Weapon Free Zones, U.S. Nonproliferation Policy and Global Security, 1957-1968” (Volume 17, Issue 2) by James Stocker

Editor’s Note” (Volume 17, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

The Challenge of Peace: Ronald Reagan, John Paul II, and the American Bishops” (Volume 17, Issue 1) by Jared McBrady

Editor’s Note” (Volume 17, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

’Thunder without Rain’: ARCI, the Far East Refugee Program, and the U.S. Response to Hong Kong Refugees” (Volume 16, Issue 4) by Meredith Oyen

Editor’s Note” (Volume 16, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

The ‘Vietnam Legion’: West German Psychological Warfare against East German Propaganda in the 1960s” (Volume 16, Issue 3) by Peter Busch

Editors Note” (Volume 16, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

East German Military Aid to the Sandinista Government of Nicaragua, 1979-1990” (Volume 16, Issue 2) by Klaus Storkmann

Editors Note” (Volume 16, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

The Other Battleground of the Cold War: the UN and the Struggle against International Terrorism in the 1970s” (Volume 16, Issue 1) by Bernhard Blumenau

Errata” (Volume 16, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

Editors Note” (Volume 16, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

"Broadening the Cultural History of the Cold War: The Emergence of Polish Workers' Defense Committee and the Rise of Human Rights" (Volume 15, Issue 4) by Robert Brier

"Editor's Note" (Volume 15, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

The Real Years of Europe? U.S.-West European Relations during the Ford Administration” (Volume 15, Issue 3) by N. Piers Ludlow

Editors Note” (Volume 15, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

The Soviet Factor in U.S.-Japanese Defense Cooperation, 1978-1985” (Volume 15, Issue 2) by Tsuyoshi Hasegawa

"Editor's Note" (Volume 15, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

"The Ground Observer Corps: Public Relations and the Cold War in the 1950s” (Volume 15, Issue 1) by Kenton Clymer

"Editor's Note" (Volume 15, Issue 1) by Mark Kramer

Death to Spies! Austrian Informants for Western Intelligence Services and Soviet Capital Punishment during the Occupation of Austria” (Volume 14, Issue 4) by Barbara Stelzl-Marx

In a Distorted Mirror: The Cold War and U.S.-Soviet Biomedical Cooperation and (Mis)understanding, 1956–1977” (Volume 14, Issue 3) by Anna Geltzer

Sweden, Europe, and the Cold War: A Reappraisal” (Volume 14, Issue 2) by Aryo Makko

The deGaulle Problem” (Volume 14, Issue 1) by Marc Trachtenberg

Recognition in Return for Détente? Brezhnev, the EEC, and the Moscow Treaty with West Germany, 1970–1973” (Volume 13, Issue 4) by Wolfgang Mueller

A ‘Common Appreciation’: Eisenhower, Canada, and Continental Air Defense, 1953–1954" (Volume 13, Issue 3) by Alexander W. G. Herd

“Editor's Note” (Volume 13, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

SAC at Thule: Greenland in U.S. Polar Strategy” (Volume 13, Issue 2) by Nikolaj Petersen

Editor's Note” (Volume 13, Issue 2) by Mark Kramer

The French Factor in U.S. Foreign Policy during the Nixon-Pompidou Period, 1969–1974” (Volume 13, Issue 1) by Marc Trachtenberg

“Engaging Southeast Asia? Labor's Regional Mythology and Australia's Military Withdrawal from Singapore and Malaysia, 1972–1973(Volume 12, Issue 4) by Andrea Benvenuti and David Martin Jones

"Editor's Note” (Volume 12, Issue 4) by Mark Kramer

"The Soviet Union's Partnership with India” (Volume 12, Issue 3) by Vojtech Mastny

Editor's Note” (Volume 12, Issue 3) by Mark Kramer

Cultural Education as Containment of Communism: The Ambivalent Position of American NGOs in Hong Kong in the 1950s” (Volume 12, Issue 2) by Grace Ai-Ling Chou

Thomas U. Berger, Mike M. Mochizuki, and Jistuo Tsuchiyama, eds., Japan in International Politics: The Foreign Policies of an Adaptive State (Volume 12, Issue 1) reviewed by Hugo Dobson

Decision-Making and the Soviet War in Afghanistan: From Intervention to Withdrawal” (Volume 11, Issue 4) by Artemy Kalinovsky

I. F. Stone: Encounters with Soviet Intelligence” (Volume 11, Issue 3) by Max Holland

Kennan, ‘Universalism,’ and the Truman Doctrine” (Volume 11, Issue 2) by Robert Frazier

The Improbable Permanence of a Commitment: America's Troop Presence in Europe during the Cold War” (Volume 11, Issue 1) by Hubert Zimmermann

Targeting China: U.S. Nuclear Planning and ‘Massive Retaliation’ in East Asia, 1953–1955” (Volume 10, Issue 4) by Matthew Jones

GATT and the Cold War: Accession Debates, Institutional Development, and the Western Alliance, 1947–1959” (Volume 10, Issue 3) by Francine McKenzie

Harold Wilson, the British Labour Party, and the War in Vietnam” (Volume 10, Issue 2) by Rhiannon Vickers

The 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: A Missed Opportunity for Détente? (Volume 10, Issue 1) by Vojtech Mastny

"'No Fixed Values': A Reinterpretation of the Influence of the Theory of Guerre Révolutionnaire and the Battle of Algiers, 1956–1957” (Volume 9, Issue 4) by Christopher Cradock and M.L.R. Smith 

'Pearl Harbor in Reverse': Moral Analogies in the Cuban Missile Crisis (Volume 9, Issue 3) by Dominic Tierney 

"A Most Special Relationship: The Origins of Anglo-America Nuclear Strike Planning" (Volume 9, Issue 2) by Ken Young

"Malaya, 1948: Britain's Asian Cold War?" (Volume 9, Issue 1) by Philip Deery

"China's Elite Politics and Sino-American Rapprochement, January 1969–February 1972" (Volume 8, Issue 4) by Yafeng Xia

"The Tibetan Rebellion of 1959 and China's Changing Relations with India and the Soviet Union" (Volume 8, Issue 3) by Chen Jian

"A Fusion Bomb over Andalucía: U.S. Information Policy and the 1966 Palomares Incident" (Volume 8, Issue 1) by David Stiles

"'Reenacting the Story of Tantalus': Eisenhower, Dulles, and the Failed Rhetoric of Liberation" (Volume 7, Issue 4) by Chris Tudda

"The Nixon Administration, the 'Horror Strategy,' and the Search for Limited Nuclear Options, 1969-1972" (Volume 7, Issue 3) by William Burr

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