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 A Triatomic Molecule is Laser Cooled and TrappedCaOH_optics

June 2022: Our results on magneto-optical trapping and sub-Doppler cooling of CaOH molecules pave the way for experiments with trapped, ultracold polyatomic molecules. Check out popular news coverage of this work in Physics Today, Physics World, and Phys.org.

December 2022 update: This work was selected by Physics World as a Top 10 Breakthrough of the Year for 2022.

 A New Way to Slow Down Complex MoleculesZ-S

December 2021: Our results on Zeeman-Sisyphus deceleration established a new method to slow complex polyatomic molecules. Mirco Siercke and Silke Ospelkaus provide a summary of this work in this Physics "Viewpoint" article!

 Cold Potassium Needs No OvensKMOT Setup

December 2021: Check out this synopsis of our buffer-gas loaded MOTs of potassium atoms, featured in Physics. Also read the original article here

 Long rotational coherence time of polar molecules in tweezerscoherence_time_tweezer

September 2021: We observed long rotational coherence time of CaF molecules in optical tweezers. Check out the this article published on N+1!

 Microwave shielding of polar molecules in tweezersshielding-ultracold-molecule

August 2021: See a summary of our work on microwave shielding between CaF molecules in optical tweezers in this Phys.org article and here.

 Laser Cooling of Larger Quantum ObjectsCaOCH3

September 2020: Our results laser cooling CaOCH3 molecules--- the first nonlinear molecule to be directly laser cooled--- are discussed in this wonderful "Perspective" article by Eric Hudson. There's also a writeup of this experiment in the Harvard Gazette.
 Laser-Cooled YbOH Molecules to Aid the Hunt for New Physics YbOH laser cooling setup

May 2020: We've recently laser cooled YbOH molecules in one dimension. Read about this work in articles by Physics World and Photonics.com
1D Magneto-Optical Trapping of Triatomic Molecules CaOH laser setup

April 2020: Our 1D magneto-optical trap of CaOH molecules has been discussed in a recent Phys.org article. This is an exciting step forward for laser cooling of  increasingly complex molcules! 

 CaF molecules in optical tweezers5_tweezers

September 2019: See a summary of our work loading CaF molecules into optical tweezers in this Phys.org article, a related "Perspective" article and this pro-physik article! Also read the original article here.

 Keck collaborationNew efforts to cool complex molecules

July 2019: We've teamed up with the Zelevinsky group at Columbia University to discover new methods to cool and control complex molecules. Read about this effort in this Phys.org article!
 Electron EDMACME II sets new limit on the electron electric dipole moment

October 2018: The ACME collaboration's recent study of the electron's electric dipole moment has been the focus of several popular articles, including at Phys.org, Physics World, Forbes, and Physics Today.
 Laser cooling setupUltracold molecules in the news

September 2018: A recent feature in Chemistry World discusses efforts to use ultracold molecules for fundamental studies of chemistry. 

 CaF optical trappingCaF molecules cooled to record lows and optically trapped
August 2018: The CaF team has recently shown enhanced cooling of diatomic molecules and laser cooling inside of an optical trap. These results are discussed in Physics, Physics World, and as a Nature highlight

 SrOH Sisyphus coolingTriatomic molecules successfully laser cooled

April 2017: Our manuscript about laser cooling SrOH- the first triatomic molecule to be laser cooled- has been covered in popular articles by Phys.org, New Scientist, Physics, and Physics World!