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Annual Symposium on the Science of Learning 
9/12/2019 |  

Harvard Medical School has adopted Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) to define and anchor its assessment program. Nationally and internationally, in graduate and undergraduate medical education (GME and UME), many programs/institutions are using EPAs as a standard assessment model by relying on "entrustment" decisions to make discernments of learner competence. 

For the kickoff of the 2019-2020 HMS Academy Medical Education Series, we will begin the year with the Symposium on the Science of Learning and feature two of the world's leading experts in EPAs: Dr. Olle ten Cate and Dr. H. Carrie Chen. In this Symposium, Dr. ten Cate, architect of the EPA framework, will characterize the principles, background, and current review of the state of the art of EPAs. Dr. Chen, who has extended the field and the application of EPAs to UME, will then provide practical considerations for implementation. Together we will advance our understanding of this assessment framework and its contextual application at HMS.

Our speakers:


Principles, Practice and State of
the Art in EPA's

Th.J. (Olle) ten Cate, PhD

Professor of Medical Education |
Scientific Director of Education
Senior Scientist at the Center for
Research and Development of Education |
University Medical Center Utrecht

Trends in EPA Implementation -
Approaches and Cautions  

H. Carrie Chen, MD, PhD

Associate Dean of Assessment and
Educational Scholarship| 
Professor of Pediatrics  | 
Georgetown University
School of Medicine

8:00-11:30 AM
10/3/2019 Medical Education Grand Round with Dr. Eric J. Warm  4:00 -5:30 PM 
10/4/2019 Medical Education Grand Round with Dr. Eric J. Warm 7:30 - 9:00 AM 
10/21/2019 Medical Education Grand Round with Dr. Arti Maini  4:00 - 6:00 PM