Keynote Presentation

The conference will feature a keynote presentation by Seiichi Makino, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, to be delivered in Japanese.  The title and abstract of the presentation are as follows:



JLTANE31  基調講演




What kind of style is Haruki Murakami using when he writes novels?

JLTANE 31 Keynote Presentation

Seiichi Makino


My definition of style is "repeated selections of particular manners of expression available in the language of the writer/speaker." Using this definition I will examine the literary style of the world famous Haruki Murakami --- a most prolific writer --- with a focus on his stylistic characteristics to see why his works have captivated readers' minds. I will not discuss the content of Murakami's writings, but I will focus on their linguistic styles. First I will discuss some of the definitions of style. Next I will discuss Murakami's literary style in his own words. I will also deal with how translators and literary reviewers think about Murakami's style. Towards the end I will discuss if "education in literary style", an unexplored area of education, is possible in Japanese language education.