Assessment Toolkit

Collection Assessment


Collection Surveys:

Report from a joint ACRL/RBMS-SAA Task Force offering metrics, definitions, and best practices for quantifying the holdings of archival repositories and special collections libraries


Calculating Extent:

The following calculators will calculate physical extent for you based on the number of containers (standard container types with dimensions are provided).



Processing Practice and Workflow Assessment


Processing Complexity:

A rubric used to assess the pre-processing complexity of a collection which can be tracked as part of a processing plan and/or processing metrics data.


Processing Metrics:

  • Processing Metrics Collaborative Wiki: Database Development Initiative 

    • A wiki containing information and resources on tracking processing metrics using MD (an Access database developed by the Center for the History of Medicine for tracking processing metrics data, which can be downloaded from the wiki).

  • Archival Processing Metrics Worksheet [XLS], University of California Libraries 

    • A worksheet for tracking and calculating collection-level processing metrics for collections processed at different levels (low to highly intensive).

  • Processing Activities Worksheet [PDF], PACSCL/CLIR Hidden Collections Processing Project, 2009-2012

    • A form for daily logging of time spent on processing activities.


Processing Cost Estimates:  

Use and User Assessment


Public Services Metrics: