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Early education initiatives are essential for strengthening and diversifying the next generation of scientists. We find this particularly important in encouraging the participation of historically under-represented demographics in STEM fields, whose members provide valuable talent, insight, and passion within the scientific community. We aim to achieve that by exposing children in K-12 age groups to the tools and ideas modern-day scientists use to answer questions of fundamental interest to humanity. To achieve these goals, we will serve as a centralized up-to-date repository of existing outreach programs, provide an open discussion forum on how to better engage youth, and coordinate efforts to improve teaching and mentorship programs in the HMS Systems Biology Department. A key element to this work will be educating faculty, postdocs, students, and staff on how to make their science accessible to each age group, and how to engage them in a wider conversation about why science matters. We will be focusing on schools and organizations in the greater Boston area and directly connect them to volunteers within the department who will lead educational activities and share their own experiences as scientists.