Graduate students/Postdocs from Harvard

 Jean Carlos Rivera-Rios: Post-doc at the Ng Group, Georgia Institute of Technology

Adam Adam Birdsall: Staff Data Scientist at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Graduate students/Postdocs from UW-Madison

John Hottle

Samuel Henry

Andy Huisman: Faculty at Union College

Ge Yu: Instrumentation Scientist at Agilent in the GC/MS team in Santa Clara headquarters

Dr. Glenn Wolfe: Research scientist at NASA Goddard and at University of Maryland Baltimore County

Jen Kaiser: Assistant Professor at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech

Josh DiGangi: Research scientist at NASA Langley

Kate Skog: Research Scientist at Picarro

Matthew Dorris: Graduate student at University of Wisconsin Madison

Melissa Galloway: Faculty at Lafayette College

Sean Staudt: Graduate student at the Bertram Group, University of Wisconsin Madison

Wyatt Merrill: Graduate student at the Crim Group, University of Wisconsin Madison

Harvard Undergraduates

Yasmeen Fakhro (2017-2018) 

Visiting Research Scientists

Ulrich Krieger: Faculty at ETH Zurich

Visiting PhD students

Huan Li: PhD student at the College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering of Peking University