Josh Cox

Josh Cox

Chemistry PhD Student

Josh completed his bachelor of science degree in chemistry from UC San Diego where he worked within the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment primarily with Prof. Kimberly Prather.

Josh’s primary interests lie in understanding the role of surfaces in atmospheric chemistry and air quality. Some prime examples of environmentally relevant surfaces include aerosol surfaces, plant surfaces, and indoor surfaces. What is the composition of these surfaces? From a molecular standpoint, how do these complex surfaces transform and affect the fate of volatile organic compounds and secondary organic aerosol? Can we predict the overall chemistry using simple models? What are the implications of these interactions for human health and climate?

To answer these questions, state-of-the art mass spectrometric and spectroscopic instrumentation are utilized and developed to measure select VOCs and their oxidation products in both the gas and particle phases.

Updated February 2, 2018

Contact Information

12 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Office: Link 261
p: 617-998-5563