The Han Commanderies in Early Korean History


Byington ME ed. The Han Commanderies in Early Korean History. Cambridge, MA: Korea Institute, Harvard University; 2013.
The Han Commanderies in Early Korean History


Volumes in the Early Korea Project Occasional Series focus on central issues related to the study of early Korean history and archaeology. The present volume treats that period of the history of the Korean peninsula characterized by the presence of commanderies first established by the Chinese Han empire in 108 B.C. The ten chapters of this volume address such topics as the societies that preceded the commanderies, the history and material culture of the commanderies, particularly of Lelang, the political and cultural influence the commanderies exerted upon surrounding regions, and the structural character of the commanderies in Korean viewed in broad perspective. Copyright © 2013 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College Printed in Seoul, Korea by Haingraph Co., Ltd. Distributed by the University of Hawai'i Press

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