Kleckner Lab


The Physical Biology of Chromosomes

Chromosome dynamics underlie the transmission of genetic information from generation to generation.  Our laboratory studies fundamental chromosomal processes for which there is currently no satisfactory explanation.  Our broader goal is to elucidate underlying basic principles common to all organisms.  We utilize 4D high resolution imaging, a newly-developed 3D spot detection algorithm, genetics, optogenetics and tools for sensing and manipulating forces in vivo and in vitro.

Current research topics include:  meiotic crossover interference; homology searching and homologous chromosome pairing, without and with double-strand breaks & recombination.; E.coli chromosome dynamics; global chromosome dynamics of mammalian chromosomes, including the stress hypothesis. We are also developing new tools for chromosome analysis in imaging and in monitoring and manipulation of forces in vivo and in vitro.

Our lab is in close collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Denise Zickler (U. Paris-sud).