Lab Software


I.  Program to Model and Analyze 1D patterns (MAD) and application to quantitative modeling and automated analysis of meiotic recombination. 

Now available:  a new MATLAB program that implements the mathematical expressions of the beam-film model with increased robustness and accessibility as compared to programs presented previously. 

This program, "Model and Analyze 1D patterns" (MAD) can be easily downloaded, with brief accompanying instructions from:

In addition, the program is available on GitHub which provides an environment for collaboration among users, e.g. to add features and report bugs.  The GitHub version can be accessed either using a designated tab provided in the above link or directly from:





II.  Program for Centroid Path Determination and Analysis, written in MATLAB.

This program was developed by Dr. Jay Fisher, Redbud Labs, Research Triangle, NC, 27709, and Jeremy Cribb, Micro6 LLC, Durham, NC, 27705

A general description of the program is found in the file here: determination_of_centroid_paths.pdf

MATLAB files consolidated into a zip file here:
Begin by reading the file, which contains instructions.  For further questions, inquire to