Questions and Assays


Kleckner N. Questions and Assays. Genetics. 2016;204 (4) :1343-1349.

Date Published:

2016 Dec


The Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal is awarded to an individual Genetics Society of America member for lifetime achievement in the field of genetics. It recognizes the full body of work of an exceptional geneticist. The 2016 recipient is Nancy Kleckner, who has made many significant contributions to our understanding of chromosomes and the mechanisms of inheritance. Kleckner has made seminal achievements in several different research areas, including bacterial transposition, chromosome organization, and meiosis. She has repeatedly combined traditional genetic approaches with molecular biology, microscopy, physics, and modeling-unprecedented applications of these methods at the time, but which have now become commonplace. Indeed, she is widely recognized as one of the leaders in bringing meiosis research into the modern era. Notably, her laboratory played a key role in elucidating the mechanism that initiates meiotic recombination, has helped to decipher the "strand gymnastics" of recombination, and is beginning to provide insight into the enigmatic phenomenon of crossover interference.
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