A new global initiative to study thought, language and communication disturbances in psychosis (DISCOURSE)

August 27, 2021

Gina joined the Steering Committee for a new international organization called Diverse International Scientific Consortium for Research in Thought, Language and Communication in Psychosis (DISCOURSE). The organization’s aim is to promote collaboration across multiple disciplines such as computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychiatry and clinical methodology to better assess and describe language and thought disturbances. By coordinating efforts to standardize approaches to describing and measuring communication disturbances in both clinical and non-clinical settings, researchers hope to share and collect data on a global scale, enabling a better understanding of these language deficits in the clinical population and development of cross-culturally valid treatment options.

The organization will be hosting a series of Zoom talks: DISCOURSE Inaugural Seminars 2021.
For more information on the organization, membership, and registration for the talks, please visit: https://discourseinpsychosis.org