33rd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing

March 20, 2020
Trevor Brothers gave a talk at the 33rd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, held virtually by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The title of his talk was "Proportional semantic pre-activation during sentence comprehension: Evidence from ERPs." See here for an abstract, here for the talk slides, and here for a video recording of Trevor's talk (the talk starts at 00:26:30, questions start at 00:48:20, and the talk ends at 00:57:20)

Congratulations to Tori Sharpe!

January 16, 2020
Congratulations to Tori Sharpe, who defended her Master's thesis, "Understanding the time course of privileged access to emotional knowledge in the brain: Evidence from ERPs and representational similarity analysis." Tori's committee members were Gina Kuperberg, Ari Goldberg, and Lin Wang. See here for photos from Tori's defense.

Congratulations to Trevor Brothers!

January 14, 2020
Congratulations to Trevor Brothers, who received the PFA Award at the 2020 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting for his abstract, "Distinct neural signatures of semantic retrieval and event updating during discourse comprehension."