Welcome to the companion website for the upcoming Exploratory Seminar Defining New Directions in Latin American and Latino Concert Music. I am very excited for the seminar, and I look forward to seeing everyone soon. Please feel free to explore this website. We will strive to make sure that the most up-to-date information is installed. Thank you.

Executive Summary: This seminar proposal is built around one main theme: Defining and illustrating the specific directions taken by Latin American and Latino composition - and performance styles - in relation to the classical contemporary music discourses nurtured in modern Western Academia. Beyond the themes of cultural roots and identity, a discussion long surpassed, a web of interesting theoretical and practical branches of inquiry remain uncharted, the full description and study of which can certainly influence the direction of teaching, creating, and performing new music. The Latin American musical continent is brimming with all possible forms of cultural hybridization between Amerindian, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, and North American music. The conceptual cornucopia deriving from these combinations, from the coexistence of cultural strata involved in the mix, is an important ingredient in the new wave of Latin American concert music. The seminar will explore the field with specialists, creators, and theoreticians.