AI Revolution: How data can identify and shape consumer behavior in ecommerce


Data has become one of the most significant instruments in ecommerce innovation. Benefits to the entire society can be summarized as following: for the government’s perspective - to assess the impact of ecommerce to the economy; for merchants - to understand consumers’ needs; and for consumers - to be offered with the right product he/she is looking for. The digital revolution in the past years has shown the need to offer differentiated services than the BTL shops, when consumers are not able to try to use and touch products. It is for this reason that ecommerce has continuously developed and transformed ROPO into a true ATL Experience. Considering the future of ecommerce is to enhance economic development and growth, this research will discuss the disruption of R&D through big data. The core objective is to propose a predictive model to deeply understand consumer behavior by analyzing new regulations and transaction records (frequency, timing, interests, cart abandonment reasoning).

Last updated on 08/08/2018