The Leder Human Biology and Translational Medicine Program (LHBTM, LHB, or simply "Leder") provides PhD students with a working knowledge of the fundamentals of human biology and disease through a series of courses designed to enrich their training in translational science. The program aims to demystify the culture and practice of medicine, facilitating future collaborations between clinicians and basic scientists. Students are not required to conduct translational research for their dissertations. Students who successfully complete the LHB Program will receive a certificate in Human Biology and Translational Medicine with their PhD.

The program is open to all HILS G1 students. The full program runs for 1.5 years, beginning in Spring of the G1 Year, and it is interdigitated with a student's other graduate program requirements. After the formal LHB Program is completed, students are encouraged to continue to participate in Program activities and are provided with ongoing mentoring opportunities throughout their time at Harvard.