ROTC: How do I register for ROTC?


  • From this point forward, students should NEVER use my.harvard to register for MIT ROTC courses.
  • MIT ROTC staff will register Harvard students internally, at MIT, for all of their ROTC courses. Harvard will not know about their ROTC course enrollment because no cross-registration will occur on Harvard's end. That means from now on, no MIT ROTC courses will appear in our students' my.harvard records or on their transcripts by default, and you (RDs, ACs, etc.) will not need to deal with approvals/exceptions/permissions to exceed Harvard credit limits when your students enroll in MIT ROTC courses. 


  • After ROTC students have taken a bunch of MIT ROTC courses and have incurred a binding post-graduation military service obligation (typically by their junior year), they can then complete the one-page, online "Harvard Credit Petition for MIT ROTC Coursework" form on the RO's website to retroactively receive up to eight (8) Harvard credits for their successfully completed MIT ROTC coursework. You should encourage students to wait until their senior year to do this, so they can choose from a wider variety of their MIT ROTC courses.
  • If students want some or all of their "zero-credit" ROTC courses to appear on their Harvard transcript, just to show that they took them, the RO will still do that. However, the RO is not advertising that or doing it by default because (a) it's a lot of work for the RO staff and (b) most ROTC students haven't asked for this or cared about it in the past.  If a student wants some or all of their zero-credit ROTC courses listed on their transcript, they should email that request to when they're in their final semester of their senior year. 

Please see for more detailed guidance. This system is much simpler than before, and hopefully it'll make life a lot easier for all of you. However, it's still new, so we may discover some problems with it and we want to work those out.