RD Family

Avery and her Donut

Avery Bruckner

Director of Laughter Affairs
My Little Pony Wrangler
Superhero/Princess/Independent Woman
Avery was born in Wellesley, MA, but spent the bulk of her first 6 years at West Point. She was born on Earth Day, and therefore is able to communicate with... Read more about Avery Bruckner
Jack Lifeguard

Jack Bruckner

Chief Athletic Officer
Avid Reader
All Around Great Kid
Jack was born in Wellesley, MA before moving to West Point, NY at age 5. He is a huge fan of sports, including the NY Mets, the Dallas Cowboys, and his Army... Read more about Jack Bruckner
Archie begs for cuddles

Archie Daily

Young Pup
Heinz 57
Tiny Criminal
Archie is the baby of the family, born in December of 2019 on the mean streets of Houston, TX. He came to the family as an emotional support animal, but we're... Read more about Archie Daily
Millie Naps

Millie Daily

Doggo of the Decade
Floofy Pupper
People Marinating Expert
Millie was born in 2011 at a beautiful farm in way update New York. Millie is an Australian Labradoodle with a wool coat, which means she's very fluffy and... Read more about Millie Daily

Daryl Dixon

President of Family Support
Keeper of Sanity
MVP (Most Valuable Partner)
Last, but not least, we have Daryl Dixon. Daryl is Katie's longtime partner, and Jack and Avery's "bonus dad." Professionally, Daryl is a football coach for... Read more about Daryl Dixon