NOTE: The Loeb Fellowship program is not accepting applications in AY 2018-19.  Please check back for updates.


Loeb Fellowships

Through a generous bequest from Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr., the Committee on the Study of Religion is offering 12-month (Sep-Aug), semester (Sep-Jan; Feb-Jun), and summer (Jun-Aug) fellowships, and short-term research project awards in support of scholarly work that explore questions of religious freedom. Relevant research might include, but would not be limited to, matters of religious pluralism, the place of religion in public life, the separation of church and state, or religiously-charged conflict and intolerance in its various forms. Funding is available for individual investigators and collaborative projects. For collaborative projects, applicants must submit individually. All Harvard graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply.

Eligibility and Restrictions

Application is open to current Harvard students, including students who will graduate in May 2018. Students currently registered in the college, or in any of the graduate or professional schools at Harvard, are eligible to apply to the appropriate fellowship if they will have completed at least one full year of study by May 2018 at the time of application.

Recipients must obtain the approval of the Committee on the Study of Religion if they wish to accept other grants or fellowships during the same period. The Committee on the Study of Religion reserves the right to decrease the amount of an award if fellows have received other funding for the same time period. Fellowship funds are not renewable or deferrable. Fellowship funds are not intended to support the dependents of a fellow and additional funding to support dependents is not available.

Full-Calendar Year Fellowship*

These fellowships support a full calendar year (September through August) of research. Fellowships are $34,000 for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Academic Semester Fellowship*

These fellowships support a term in the academic year (fall and/or spring of the next academic year from time of application). Fellowships are $14,200 per 5-month semester (Sept-Jan or Feb-June) for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Summer Term Fellowship

These fellowships support a summer research project in 2018. Fellowships are up to $5,520 for June through August 2018.

Project Fellowship

These fellowships are for short term research and may be utilized during summer or spring of 2018. Requests may not exceed $3000 in a semester or summer period; a project request may be made for each period.

*Indicates open to graduate students only.


Candidates for the Loeb Graduate Fellowship are evaluated by the following criteria:

  • Feasibility and quality of the proposed research;
  • Outstanding academic record;
  • Significance of contribution to the field.

For detailed information on the application requirements, please review the "Apply" section. All applications are submitted through CARAT.