Lauren A. O'Connell, LS50: Integrated Science Laboratory Course, Jeremy D. O'Connell, Joao A. Paulo, Sunia A. Trauger, Steven P. Gygi, and Andrew W. Murray. 2021. "Rapid toxin sequestration modifies poison frog physiology." Journal of Experimental Biology Feb 9;224(Pt 3):jeb230342. PMID: 33408255
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Nora A. Moskowitz, Alexandre B. Roland, Eva K. Fischer, Ndimbintsoa Ranaivorazo, Charles Vidoudez, Marianne T. Aguilar, Sophia M. Caldera, Jacqueline Chea, Miruna G. Cristus, Jett P. Crowdis, Bluyé DeMessie, Caroline R. desJardins-Park, Audrey H. Effenberger, Felipe Flores, Michael Giles, Emma Y. He, Nike S. Izmaylov, ChangWon C. Lee, Nicholas A. Pagel, Krystal K. Phu, Leah U. Rosen, Danielle A. Seda, Yong Shen, Santiago Vargas, Hadley S. Weiss, Andrew W. Murray, Eden Abebe, Sunia A. Trauger, David A. Donoso, Miguel Vences, and Lauren A. O'Connell. December 26, 2018. “Seasonal changes in diet and chemical defense in the Climbing Mantella frog (Mantella laevigata).” PLOS ONE 14(6): e0218981. PMCID: PMC6306172