MAHPING Connections Across Institutions

The Morehouse And Harvard Partnership in Neuroscience Growth (MAHPING) Initiative is an innovative, bi-directional partnership between the neuroscience communities at Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) and Harvard Medical School (HMS) that is catalyzing robust research and educational collaborations between our two institutions. The MAHPING Initiative builds upon a rich history of neuroscience collaboration between HMS and MSM and aims to promote inclusive exellence in neuroscience research and education. We are leveraging bi-directional exchange and authentic collaboration to enhance efforts to recruit and retain a diverse neuroscience workforce and to mutually strengthen research and educational efforts at both institutions.

MAHPING is affiliated with the HMS Department of Neurobiology and the Harvard PhD Program in Neuroscience (PiN), as well as the MSM Neuroscience Institute and the MSM BS/MS Program in Neuroscience. MAHPING is Co-Directed by Tari Tan, PhD (Lecturer on Neurobiology at HMS and Director of Education for PiN & HMS Neurobiology) and Morris Benveniste, PhD (Professor of Neurobiology at MSM and Director of the MSM BS/MS Program in Neuroscience). The initiative is currently supported by the Simons Foundation, the HMS Dean's Innovation Awards in Diversity & Inclusion, and NINDS.

Photo of Tari Tan   Morris Benveniste, Ph.D.
 Tari Tan, PhD                               Morris Benveniste, PhD