Our goal is to develop a number of team-taught short courses - modeled off of the HMS nanocourse format - to foster collaboration among HMS/MSM faculty and to leverage the expertise of MSM/HMS faculty to mutually enhance neuroscience training for the HMS and MSM communities.

Upcoming Nanocourses

From Bench to Bedtime: Entraining Policy to Science (2022 MAHPING Pedagogy Fellows Nanocourse)

Will be offered September 21-23, 2022 at MSM and November 2-4, 2022. More details to be announced soon.


Completed Nanocourses

Light-Sheet Microscopy for Neuroscientists (offered Summer 2020, virtual)

Instructors: Aurelien Begue, PhD (HMS), Chenghua Gu, PhD (HMS), Jason DeBruyne, PhD (MSM)

Course Description: Fluorescent light-sheet microscopy is a versatile microscopy technique that has diverse applications to neuroscience research and offers many advantages to other imaging methods. This nanocourse, offered as part of the MAHPING collaboration between Harvard Medical School and Morehouse School of Medicine, will introduce neuroscientists who have little or no experience with light-sheet microscopy to the scientific rationale and possible applications for the technique, foundational concepts that underlie the method, and considerations related to experimental design and data analysis. Through a combination of research talks, lectures, and small group discussions, the nanocourse will prepare participants to identify applications of the technique to their own research and to begin planning their own light-sheet microscopy experiments. 

Full course information is available here.