Summer Quantitative Neuroscience Bootcamp

As the initial 2017 collaboration between the MSM BS/MS Program in Neuroscience and Harvard PhD Pogram in Neuroscience (PiN) from which the MAHPING initiative grew, rising Master's-year students in the MSM BS/MS program began visiting HMS for two weeks during the summer for quantitative training and professional development. Visiting students participated in the Boot Camp in Quantitative Methods course alongside first-year HMS PhD students, including PiN students, and also participated in professional development activities with PiN/HMS faculty, students, and administrators. The summer program was offered in this format from 2017-2020 (with the 2020 program being hosted online via Zoom due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

We subsequently re-envisioned the summer program to more strongly feature cross-institution collaboration and to better meet trainees' needs, per feedback from participants. Specifically, we integrated the original content from the Boot Camp in Quantitative Methods course  into the core curriculum of the MSM BS/MS program so that BS/MS trainees are taught the material in the spring of their undergraduate junior year. In parallel, we developed a new one-week Summer Quantitative Neuroscience Bootcamp that is team-taught by faculty at HMS and MSM that serves as the HMS summer quantitative training curriculum. The new Summer Quantitative Neuroscience Bootcamp reinforces content from the original quantitative methods course (now using the Python programming language instead of MATLAB) and deploys a problem-based learning approach to guide students through experimental neuroscience case studies using actual primary data and Python-based data analysis pipelines. A pilot of this course was offered in Atlanta (due to COVID restrictions at HMS) to all MSM neuroscience graduate students in summer 2021, and an updated version of this course was offered at HMS upon the return of the Boston summer program in 2022.