MANGAN, which is led by HGSE Faculty Bruno della Chiesa, a former French diplomat and Senior Analyst at OECD’s Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, provides intercultural expertise and conducts multifaceted research projects worldwide on educating for cultural and global awareness.

As one of the founders of Educational Neuroscience, alarmed by the multiplication of various questionable (or even fraudulent) forms of (mis-)use of the neurosciences in the education sector, Bruno della Chiesa vehemently criticizes the disputable maneuvers of those he calls, depending on the case, “neuro-charlatans”, “neuro-zealots”, “neuro-hijackers” or “neuro-traffickers”.

Bruno della Chiesa gives presentations at conferences, offers workshops and seminars, and runs or collaborates in research projects worldwide in his fields of expertise – global awareness/intercultural competence, educational neuroscience, international education policies and practices.