Our Lab in 2017!!



Mango Lab Retreat!

Mary finishes with honors, Alyson passes her qualifying exams. Three cheers for both of them!


Mango Lab takes Chinatown!! (Chinese New Year, March 2015)

Skating Party

Holiday Party 2014!


Lab Lunch at Beat Hotel, Harvard Square

With the Rhinos and c. elegans!


Welcome Party for Matt; Going  away party for Christina

Cake before and after!

Laser Tag

Post-laser tag dinner

Christmas party 2009, with our new friends and colleagues from Losick lab, Hunter lab and Burton lab:

Some of our new friends and colleagues from Losick Lab:

Liquid nitrogen ice cream dots and frozen yogurt!


Steve, Stelian and Trisha picking apples at a farm in Massachusetts, Fall 2009.

First lab party at Harvard, Fall 2008:


Former lab members, Julie Kiefer (closest) and Jen Saam (pink code), enjoying yoga:


Dustin's Party!




Susan and Mike