Mango Lab News

Our Lab in 2017!!


September 2016

Mango Lab Scientific RETREAT 2016!!

Alyson Ramirez wins HHMI Fellowship!

August 2016

Three cheers for Chris, who spent the summer in our lab!!

June 2016

David teaching in Bogota, Colombia!

May 26, 2016

Congratulations To Mary, who graduated today with honors!!!

Mary finishes with honors and Alyson passes her qualifying exams! Three cheers for both of them!

Azraa Chaudhury joins the Mango Lab.


Ahilya Sawh joins the Mango Lab.

Congratulations to Beste for receiving a grant from the AAUW!!


Hui-Ting’s paper is accepted to Science!


Alyson Ramirez joins the Mango Lab, jointly with the Schier Lab.


Nicholas Lee graduates from Harvard. Congratulations Nicholas!

Worming our Way to Understanding Epithelial Polarity

by Stephen Von Stetina and Susan Mango

Hui-Ting Hsu heads to Kathy Jones’ lab at the Salk Institute.


David Plaza has joined the Mango Lab



Antje Fischer has accepted a job at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich. Congratulations Antje.


Jessica Lorente has joined Mango lab for the summer as an intern. Welcome Jessica!

Antje Fischer received a Post Doctoral Fellowship from

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft!





Mango Lab enjoyed and inspiring retreat in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts




Kaitlyn received the NEBS-Bioneer student fellowship award!



Kaitlyn successfully defended her PhD thesis!


Left to right:
Victor Ambros, Keith Blackwell, Monica Colaiacovo, Kaitlyn Choi, Susan Mango

April 2014

Congratulations to Beste Mutlu for passing her MCB Candidacy Examination!



March 2014

Gerti Engle joins the Mango Lab



December 2013

Susan Mango returns from Sabbatical in China

Susan Mango returns from Sabbatical in China

November 2013

Antje Fischer

Antje Fischer joins the lab

October 2013

Hui-Ting successfully defends her thesis.

  • Kaitlyn has received her second teaching award.


September 2013

  • Steve and his wife Jesse welcome their new daughter Isabella

September 2013

Matt and his wife Lindsay welcome their new daughter Ellie.

April 2013

  • Beste Mutlu joins lab

Mar 2013

  • Youngeun (Kaitlyn) Choi received a certificate of distinction for teaching
  • Jenny Liang joined the lab


April 2012

  • Congratulations to Huei Mei Chen and her new husband Nihal on their recent marriage.
  • Congratulations to Olga Minkina on passing the quals.
  • Congratulations to Jaqueline Rosains on successfully defending her thesis.

January 2012

  • Congratulations to Megan Senchuk on successfully defending her thesis.

August 2011

  • Kareem Carr joins the lab as a fellow.
  • Susan Mango's R01 was given a Merit Award by the NIH
  • Jaqueline Rosains received a certificate of distinction for teaching.

June 2011

  • Christina McPhee has been awarded a prestigious fellowship by Jane Coffins Childs Medical Research Fundation. Congratulations Christina!
  • Susan Mango has been named co-chair of the 2013 Developmental Biology Gordon Research Conference.
  • Stephen von Stetina won the runner-up poster prize at Cell Contact and Adhesion Gordon Research Conference.
  • The Mango lab had an entertaining lab outing - boating on the Charles River.

May 2011

  • Olga Minkina, graduate student and Huei Mei Chen, postdoctoral fellow, join the lab.

September 2010

  • Christina McPhee, PhD from University of Maryland joins the lab as postoctoral fellow;
  • Youngeun (Kaitlyn) Choi passes her prelim exam;
  • Stelian Pop welcomes his second child, Lucas Andrew.


August 2010 - Tala's article "Dynamic Chromatin Organization during Foregut Development Mediated by the Organ Selector Gene PHA-4/FoxA" is published in PLoS Genetics. Congratulations!

July 2010 - Megan and Trisha entered wedded life! Congratulations!
June 2010 - Tala Fakhouri leaves the lab to pursue a Master's in Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University
April 2010 - Youngeun (Kaitlyn) Choi joins the lab as graduate student.

January 2010 - Karyn Sheaffer defends her doctoral disertation. She has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in Kaestner lab at University of Pennsylvania.

September 2009 - Jaqueline Rosains joins the lab as graduate student.

January 2009 - Susan Mango is became a MacArthur fellow.