Welcome to the lab!

Welcome to the Meaning and Modality (M&M) Laboratory at Harvard Linguistics! We are interested in understanding the uniquely human capacity for language, especially the ability to convey abstract, infinite, specific meanings across a variety of modes for natural language, including both speech and sign. Our work spans the subfields of formal semantics, pragmatics, syntax, bilingualism, language acquisition, and psycholinguistics in an effort to understand the relationship between linguistic meaning, language mode, language development, and human cognition.



Latest News

Kazumi Matsuoka and Uiko Yano visiting from Japan !

March 21, 2017

Prof. Kazumi Matsuoka (Keio University) and her collaborator Uiko Yano (a researcher of Ehime-Oshima Island Sign Language) came all the way from Japan to work with Kate and Deanna Gagne (UConn) on a project involving domain restriction and quantification crosslinguistically. Uiko Yano gave a talk on Ehime-Oshima Island Sign Language during the lab meeting.

Spring lab meeting time

January 20, 2017

Our lab meetings this Spring will take place Tuesdays, 1:00-2:30 pm, at 2 Arrow St, Rm 420. Check our calendar for the latest updates!

Kate at LSA 2017

January 20, 2017
  • Carina Kauf and Kathryn Davidson: Introducing demonstration complements in spoken/written languages
  • Greg Scontras, Kathryn Davidson, Amy Rose Deal, Sarah Murray: Who has more? The influence of linguistic form on quantity judgments
  • Kathryn Davidson, Annemarie Kocab, Andrea D Sims, Laura Wagner: Telicity encoding in American Sign Language: Testing the Event Visibility Hypothesis

Kate at BUCLD 41

November 4, 2016
  • C. Goodwin, K. Davidson, D. Lillo-Martin: English Article Use in Bimodal Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Language Transfer and Early Language Exposure.
  • L. Wagner, C. Geraci, J. Kuhn, K. Davidson, B. Strickland: Is Telicity in Sign Languages Visible to Children?

Fall lab meeting time

August 9, 2016

Our lab meetings this Fall will take place Wednesdays, 12:15-1:30 pm, at 2 Arrow St, Rm 408. Check our calendar for the latest updates!